Ad Agency Business Development

The ad industry is in the midst of spectacular change. Whether you need to outsource your business development or
 retool your new business team, everything I do is customized to your unique needs and challenges.

 Business Development

I work as your new business leader identifying, engaging, pitching and winning new clients. Depending on your staff, I can lead, complement, or contribute as a member of your new business team.

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Workshops and Training

A day, a week, or weekly training sessions customized for your new business team to reset and recharge strategies, tactics, and processes. One-on-one training in your office, an outside facility, or via Skype.

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Speaking and Coaching

I am available for speaking engagements. I present timely topics for both ad agencies and marketing professionals. I also coach agency leaders on managing a high-performance business development team.

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Marketing Services

The marketing industry has changed more in the past two years than the last fifty. 
Are your in-house resources up to date, properly resourced, or operating at maximum efficiency?

In-House Resourcing

Is your in-house agency operating at peak performance? Are the right people doing the right things?

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Needs Analysis

Not confident your resources are right for your business or what services you actually need or don't.

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Creative Ops

Many different relationships fuel creative and production operations. Is your tech stack optimized?

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